Do you mosey?

WordPress, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, flickr, mosey... yes, mosey, and the list goes on. Nosy, then stay on. Knowledgeable, or if you're simply not interested in what I'm about to express... then please feel free to move on. Have you noticed how these wordpress blog posts (not on tblog, blogspot, or is it  blogger... … Continue reading Do you mosey?


Twitter’s glitter… see the gold?

Tweets sound sweet. Swift 140 character-long missive updates sent within social networks by users, they may convey anything - tiddly trivia or lowdowns on budding love affairs; newsflash about an oncoming tornado or turmoil-ridden political fiasco. But for the budding 2 years plus company, there's still uncertainty about where the real moolah will come from. … Continue reading Twitter’s glitter… see the gold?

Is it important to ask a web (2.0) site owner, “What’s your business model?”

We know, time will tell, and a method will evolve, later, rather than sooner! When any new product (read "social networking or, web 2.0 website") is 'soft-launched', it's very fashionable for tech trend followers to question right away, "So, what's their business model?". These people soon try to determine whether they're the next 'Google' (or … Continue reading Is it important to ask a web (2.0) site owner, “What’s your business model?”