Lost blogs, photo logs, forgotten passwords, lost kingdoms.

In a not-so-arduous search for my blogs elsewhere, as well as photo blogs lost in cyberspace -- either due to lost passwords, the popularity of Flickr or such; and in no small way due to change in computers - from desktops >> laptops >> notebooks, then on to mobile devices >> tablets and android phones; … Continue reading Lost blogs, photo logs, forgotten passwords, lost kingdoms.


Twitter, Web 2.0, W.O.M., B.Y.B.

Even if you're on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, you'll need to Build Your Brand. You could use advertising across mass media but that seems passé! Well then, lean on word-of-mouth, twitter or blog. At a party last weekend, a friend introduced us to their just-developed travel website... HotGuzzi. A week down the road we toasted … Continue reading Twitter, Web 2.0, W.O.M., B.Y.B.

Indeed, a jewel in the heart of Vieux-Quebec… Jaro!

Check in, to check them out... you won't want to check out from the Palace Royal! We really enjoyed our stay at Les Hotels Jaro's finest; just a short walk down Rue St-Jean across from Old Quebec, and from the Parliament building, on Avenue Honore-Mercier. (Gee, how do I put the French accents on the … Continue reading Indeed, a jewel in the heart of Vieux-Quebec… Jaro!

It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Does it actually freak out many people? The National Geographic published an item under its News section, a few years back about how the US lost almost 800-900 million USD on this day only on account of people's superstitions and phobias related to flying or doing business on Friday 13th. If anxiety builds up due … Continue reading It’s Friday the thirteenth…

The 800 miles Chase… in 30 seconds!

Across 800 miles... from the mid-west to NYC... on the I-80! Play the video - The Chase - that I created, using Animoto's cool tool. They have some music freebies too... you could even buy the track, if you wish. Easy-peasy... Artist: Adam Burns Track: Havana RulesThanks, Animoto.

Hampi: Excerpt from “Romance on the Rocks”

16th Centuy chariot in stone at Vitthala Temple complex - Hampi, Karnataka, India... listed as a World Heritage Site for no small reason! It's one of my favorite destinations... and holds fond memories. Today, a mere symbol, Hampi represented a cultural force between the 14th-15th centuries. It was originally a sacred centre on the banks … Continue reading Hampi: Excerpt from “Romance on the Rocks”

Journey’s End

Once, a long time ago, just as the bus was leaving the station, rather uncaring of where it was headed, I boarded hurriedly but settled in comfortably on the first seat in sight, right up front, by the window. It was a cool October morning. The wheels rolled over the mini-highway... cutting across expanses of … Continue reading Journey’s End

Heading towards the Horizon

Often, when I'm visiting Canada, I tend to feel this way. Like I'm headed towards the horizon. Is it this country's unlimited beauty that has this effect? A deeply mystical aura surrounds this huge mass of land... there's so much to see, what a vast mass to explore! (Originally posted on BlogSpot)