What lies around the bend… we know not!

During its journey, meandering through three states, the Colorado River, cuts through Marble Canyon. Driving over Navajo Bridge, you see this mighty river from way above -- almost 142 meters (616 feet) above -- the water level. Looking far yonder, one wonders what lies around that bend... but few can tell, just as in life, … Continue reading What lies around the bend… we know not!


Yesterday was one day when the whole world seemed to drive me a tad mad. I've got over that now, and was determined to reproduce my article, which was published several years back... Hampi is one of my most favorite travel destinations, and I often search for new websites and updated information regarding the ongoing … Continue reading Hampi

Knights in shining armor

  With a mini camera in hand and a little backpack on my shoulders, I took off on a mini trek from Troutbeck in the Lake District. What a day that was... shortly after breakfast, with a sunny smile and a bounce in my step that spelled youthful cheer I was on my way to … Continue reading Knights in shining armor