Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)

You know I had never quite been a huge Hindi cinema buff. No doubt, I had watched numerous films over decades of my life in India, but had never really bought film magazines, nor bought tickets from the fellas who paced up and down, muttering something under their breath while you're waiting in queue with … Continue reading Raja Nawathe: Gumnaam (1965)


Dev Anand, in conversation…

Varsha Bhosle, an ardent fan of Dev Anand interviewed the legendary actor somewhere around April 1997. Many others like her, and as fans of Hindi cinema may have already read this long interview, which I just came across minutes ago. As I do occasionally, on finding something interesting, especially unexpectedly, I share the treasure right-away; because … Continue reading Dev Anand, in conversation…

You may not wage the war, but…

You may not wage the war. But... let's not forget, this world itself is a battleground. Each one fights ... for space, ... to find his place, ... or leave her trace. In this world, the attacker swings from the right ... or will hurl at you from the left; or hit you from the … Continue reading You may not wage the war, but…

In Paris… meeting Mohanjeet!

On 12th October, just over two weeks ago, while strolling along Rue Saint-André des Arts, I suddenly saw this storefront that read, "Diwali". I was delighted. No pun intended. It was still my third day on my first visit to Paris.  😉 The bigger joy followed just moments later, when I met Mohanjeet! I was … Continue reading In Paris… meeting Mohanjeet!

Lata Mangeshkar ji… kudos to you.

  Now this is a story about conflict between two of Indian Cinema's biggest names who had worked together with great success since the beginning of their major film careers. A fall-out between the two occurred when Lata ji asserted herself raising the issue of royalty to be paid to her; while Raj Kapoor believed … Continue reading Lata Mangeshkar ji… kudos to you.

A touch of France… Jeff Scher

Enamored by Jeff's work, here I am watching another animated film... Water of Life... L'eau Life (but not low-life)... love his word-play, water-play, and above all... his water-color genius... that has a touch of France. Wish I could afford to buy his $500 per frame visual delights. Alas... someday! 🙂 😉 Again, thank you, New … Continue reading A touch of France… Jeff Scher

So long… summer!

Jeff Scher's blog, "The Animated Life", in The New York Times  has an exquisitely delightful rendering in oils and pastels, of visuals from the summer just gone past..."Summer Retreat". In a flash I recalled this animoto,  childhood's end... and my first blog entry.

Lost your domain name?

Ever been mad at yourself for "mea culpa"... for having lost your domain name; your very first website, simply because you missed out on renewing the domain name with the hosting company, for a variety of legitimate reasons (or otherwise)? Well, that's how I feel at this moment. Eight years back I came up with … Continue reading Lost your domain name?