My :30″

Topics I posted About thus far…
If my point of view on any random subject has piqued your interest, going forward you’re welcome to stop by, browse through words-n-motion.

An innate urge-for-search

Makes me a student… forever.

I call my writing random,

But here’s my raison d’être

Surging with tales of art or travel;

Bringing snippets,

Abstracted from business or science;

Spikes of wry humor may evoke

Some jest, a few cheers,

Jeers no doubt,

Adding to the sneers.

Visuals (Chitra) may complement my writing (Lekhan),

Together, that defines this blogger… chitralekhan.

Share your views,

Add your comments,

Offer your opinions,

right here @ words-n-motion.

Random thoughts reined in


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