Go virtual on health records

In today's computing age, it may soon be critically important to have digital records of the medical history of patients. The New York Times covers a story today with a discussion on the pros and cons, and the need for a centralized pool of patient information which can be accessed online.


Journey’s End

Once, a long time ago, just as the bus was leaving the station, rather uncaring of where it was headed, I boarded hurriedly but settled in comfortably on the first seat in sight, right up front, by the window. It was a cool October morning. The wheels rolled over the mini-highway... cutting across expanses of … Continue reading Journey’s End

Heading towards the Horizon

Often, when I'm visiting Canada, I tend to feel this way. Like I'm headed towards the horizon. Is it this country's unlimited beauty that has this effect? A deeply mystical aura surrounds this huge mass of land... there's so much to see, what a vast mass to explore! (Originally posted on BlogSpot)