Brian Nelson’s attitude towards his cancer!

Transplants of the kidney (note the 's'), pancreas, Type 1 diabetes; broken - leg, elbow, wrist, feet, hands, skull, ribs; osteoporosis, gastroparesis, cataracts, failed gall bladder, impacted bowel, chronic bleeding and... metastasizing head and neck cancer for over four years... in all, 40 years of ill-health is what 50 year-old-Brian Nelson has suffered. Even so, … Continue reading Brian Nelson’s attitude towards his cancer!


Sathvaro Radheshyam No… saath chhuti gayo, for now!

Just called up the Thakkars in the US, but Nilesh & Arpita Thakkar's troupe, who staged the dance-ballet Sathvaro Radheshyam No, has returned to Inda. No shows in the AZ region... sorry! But they may be back next Spring, around April 2010. Something to look forward to, I guess...