Snoring, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea? It’s no snorting matter!

Photo Courtesy: Banderas News Out of breath while seemingly sound asleep, your partner's simple snore or a snort could be stemming from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Does this sound funny? I'm afraid it isn't... neither the causes nor the consequences. Sleep Apnea disturbs and affects over 12 million people in the US, as indicated by the … Continue reading Snoring, or Obstructive Sleep Apnea? It’s no snorting matter!


European Patent Office arrives at historic decision

On March 8, two months to the day, the EPO (European Patent Office) revoked a patent it had granted to the US Department of Agriculture for a Neem-based crop fungicide. Kudos to India Inc., who, for ten long years protested on grounds of “biopiracy”, to protect their traditional knowledge base about Neem, its properties and … Continue reading European Patent Office arrives at historic decision

Mythical… Logical… Ornithological

It’s neither my profession, nor hobby… however, I know a few people for whom it’s either one or the other. They study birds, their habitat, their mating habits, their migratory patterns, even their distinctive bird calls… how fascinating for them it must be. Recently, a leading newspaper carried an article about how “intelligent” birds actually … Continue reading Mythical… Logical… Ornithological

Knights in shining armor

  With a mini camera in hand and a little backpack on my shoulders, I took off on a mini trek from Troutbeck in the Lake District. What a day that was... shortly after breakfast, with a sunny smile and a bounce in my step that spelled youthful cheer I was on my way to … Continue reading Knights in shining armor


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Patent Peeves

Recently, a strange thought occurred to me that patenting and fencing could be used in tandem in the context of plant patenting... "Trading of patented material is unlawful and is strictly forbidden": in simple words, vegetative propagation prohibited. The dictionary meaning of "fencing", on the other hand, is "a means of protection", "a barrier made … Continue reading Patent Peeves

Lipitor: The “Lousy” Cholesterol Lowering Drug

On a recent visit to my PCP - primary care physician - I was informed that my blood reports were in. With a grim expression on her face, she revealed the results of the report... the low-down on the critical elements was laid out first... naturally. Little did the physician know of my background, especially … Continue reading Lipitor: The “Lousy” Cholesterol Lowering Drug