Mythical… Logical… Ornithological

It’s neither my profession, nor hobby… however, I know a few people for whom it’s either one or the other. They study birds, their habitat, their mating habits, their migratory patterns, even their distinctive bird calls… how fascinating for them it must be.

Recently, a leading newspaper carried an article about how “intelligent” birds actually are. It may no longer be appropriate to refer to a “less-than-Einstein” homo sapiens species as “bird-brained”… you could be accused of insulting the entire genus of “birds”. It seems that even in a bygone era, there must have been some basis for believing in the ability of bird brains.

Readers, if you’re interested, check out “Garuda“… the mythical king of birds… an eagle with a human body… so you know I’m just arriving at a logical conclusion.


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