Memory lapse… have you experienced this?

Some people just don’t like being told they made a mistake, or that they forgot to do something – something that was supposed to have been done (not necessarily earth-shatteringly important, but nevertheless discussed enough to merit a second thought). They also dislike being reminded about things that need to be done by them (but often forget to do just those very same things).

I believe it is almost a sub-conscious belief about oneself that the individual is infallible – above making mistakes and “almost perfect”. These very same people are very quick to point others’ “mistakes”, are critical of others to a point where it’s an obsession with them; but these people fail to see their own shortcomings. Often such people are otherwise extremely intelligent – way above average, well read, skilled in areas which require much attention to detail.

I have lived with such people and presently do so. If one’s not careful, it is easy to fall into a trap where one begins to believe that one is inept; begin to be really hard on oneself; and begin to obsess over making everything perfect – in the process make little progress.

I’m seething right now at accusations thrown at me about how I DID NOT say something, when in fact, I had. It’s simple economics… buy the 10 tickets off-peak… we always do so, why would it be different this time!

Is this a memory lapse on my part? No, I don’t think so. Is OCPD lurking somewhere, I wonder?


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