India Journal’s review of “Sathvaro Radheshyam No”

In my search for the US schedule of this Gujarati production, I finally found at least one review: India Journal’s review for the dance ballet.

Now I have the names of all the promoters; national: Natwar Thakkar of 999 Enterprises Inc and Hiren Parpani Productions; regional sponsors: Harshida, Harish, Dhanesh Parmar of Dhanraj & Tisha Entertainment Inc along with C N Travel and Highglow Jewelers.

Wow, given that no one has thus far been able to write to me providing me with info I needed yesterday, I must now carry out a search to locate the afore-stated names, so as to contact them, and find out if there are shows scheduled in the Southwest.

Hello, would anyone out there in cyberspace care to make my task easy? Would really appreciate it. In the meanwhile, “Thanks”, India Journal. 🙂


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