If it’s Houston this must be Texas… really?

If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium… but,


Ask any Texan, Houston is Hewston…

If it is mid-week, never say Wed-nes-day

But if you’re in New York, and

Headed to Wall Street

riding the subway,

or walking on foot — call it route 11

You’re bound to cross Houston

But wait… remember this street is Howston

Take your chances

Crossing this line involves

high stakes

Now don’t cross the Nee Yawker

Or be prepared for defamation

Yeah, all over the famous ‘Gawker’

Now if you’re South Asian

No matter where you are

up North, or in the North East

Or down all the way20150402_135831_Richtone(HDR)

flying south by Southwest

Please don’t insist you’re visiting Hooston

Headed West?

Surely not to ‘Frisco’!

Headed to ‘Cali’ you say?

Oh, goddess Kali… cut, this isn’t Calicut

If it’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday

or Sunday… who cares

It just doesn’t matter

You’ll stand out like a sore thumb

Deriding San Francisco &


They aren’t Texans!

Oh, but didn’t you know

Texas has Frisco, a city

But California has the city,

the biggest in the area + the Bay

So call it by its entire name

“San Francisco”… now you know

That’s Northern California

Away from LA, and miles away from San Dee-ey-Go

Nope, not Sen Diaago

Aww… never mind,


California’s tail end has two cities

and then some… did I mention

Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and even Disney

Mere neighborhoods and a land that’s

Spinning stories, making it merry for this world to go around

Now that… is Southern California!

Texans have hard cash… see, Oil?

Californians have their eyes

On your software skills

For this they’ll poach… occasionally, when not

relaxing at the zoo or safari;

but that said, they do prefer the laissez-faire style

Ouch… but today IS Monday… and there’s no IF

There’s no ambiguity… no ‘but’, nor ‘if’

That’s how it stands… like it, or leave

Stand on no formalities, wait for no goodbyes

People come, and people go

Time waits for no one

If it’s Tuesday, or Thursday

Be it at home, or on holiday in Rome!


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