Why nobody reads my blog posts

Every now and again I lament, “Nobody reads my blog posts.” Then I ponder, reflect and remind myself of the following:

Nobody reads my posts because my writing reflects how I feel in that instance. Well, who cares! I must write what others may be interested in.

What crosses my mind first, makes for my headline. But why do I forget the phrase, “Sleep over it.” or “Think about it.”? Shouldn’t I dwell upon what I have written (or am about to write). How about conveying that in the shortest, sweetest little headline! Next time, I’ll write up a few; then will pick either the zaniest, or the smartest or even the simplest. Perhaps I should even test each one, then go with the one that brings the most readers.

In a rush, I spill my guts; driving away even my stray, occasional, random reader with an overdose of bitters. Yikes! I needn’t rush into a 30-second elevator pitch every time. Warm up, build a rapport. They’ll listen.

Since I said it all at once, what’s left to say now? Rambling further with another 500 words or more! Nah… I have to learn to pace my thoughts. Keep them crisp, keep them short. Gee, you folks may even be reading on your mobile devices.

Shouldn’t I have mini titles to each of my paragraphs? For those who speed read, they get the gist right away. Okay, for now, I’ll bold my main idea for each paragraph.

Now I know my posts are very dense… but you are smart. Of course you won’t be wasting time on this lengthy, wordy post when there’s the entire world wide web to scour… so, I’ll let you go, while I collect my thoughts.

If you find something in cyberspace, or have your own two bits, I’d love to hear from you. Ciao. ;).


7 thoughts on “Why nobody reads my blog posts

  1. I have to say I can relate. I can spend time to write a chapter in an ongoing series, and aside from some dedicated fans, there is only silence in my part of the library. 😉 But as Mr. Siler pointed out, it comes and goes. My only suggestion is make a steady rhythm. Once a week? Okay, same day every week. Just a thought. I try to keep it one a day, which is a challenge to come up with fiction every day.

    My fave phrase. “Write on!” keep on tapping them keys.

    1. Dash McCallen, you’re right. Your suggestions – most sensible. Can’t go wrong with that. That said, sometimes it feels like I’m in sales – like it’s a numbers game; someone will buy, sooner or later, if I keep going on. 😉

  2. Why are you sure no one reads your posts? Why do you write them? Who exactly do you want reading them: is it really the people who demand sound bites you’re after, or those who want to know actual authentic you? Just wondering. 🙂

    1. Hi Éilis Niamh,
      Your astute questions reflect my own thoughts. No, I’m not certain that nobody reads them. In fact, my writing is so ‘undefined’ and inherently ‘random’, hence there’s no defined audience either. If anything, it departs from my professional training and work in advertising/marketing where it is imperative to specify audience, and goal of campaign at the outset. But therein lies the culprit — ‘the expectations’. “Feedback” is at the basis of commercial advertising. Success is measured with feedback, sales, number of eyeballs, etc. After numerous years in it, it has become second nature to seek feedback. 🙂 If anything, the blog is to depart from all of that. Thanks much for stopping by.

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