Psst, all ears, hear this… I have Audacity!

Yep, an awesome free audio editor!

Eyes tired from fooling around with photo-editing software, I went on the prowl, straining my ears and still searching for easy-to-use, free, audio-editing software. Well, look and thou shalt find… Audacity is quite similar to using a basic photo-editor, of course, with an audible difference.

Record any audio source file, or even live from your own voice through a microphone attached to your computer. Import-Export WAV, AIFF, AU, Ogg Vorbis files; even MP3… but you’ll need an additional program (that’s not hard to get); also, fool around with their special effect options, apart from basic editing – cut, paste, combine, fade…

For almost three weeks now, folks see me with my headphones hooked on, all the time. That’s because I’m having fun with Audacity, making waves and echoes… ko… ko… ko… ko…. go for it now!


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