Superb South Indian fare: Sujata & Srini style!

Here’s my review on AZ Central today:

Wow, what can I say! Ever since I stumbled upon this small eatery last month, our large family – based across Tempe, Mesa and L.A. (California) – has enjoyed numerous meals out here in Chandler – both, South Indian style cuisine, as well as North Indian ‘curries’ – at this very homey dining place. Although it’s not exactly a ‘fine dining’ restaurant, the freshly cooked food surpasses that at numerous other Indian diners in the Phoenix metro area. Certainly start with their Medu Vadai and Iddly. Then go for their Paper Dosa – Sada or with Masala; the Malabar Parotta with Malai Kofta or with Paneer Butter Masala. Try the green mint chutney and tomato chutney at their chutney bar – refill as often as your taste buds will allow you (there’s no extra charge for that)! Place the order at the register and pay, before you pick your table in their informal setting, watching the sun go down. Sip on some delicious mango lassi while you wait for your order to be brought to the table… a matter of minutes. Don’t worry, the Sambar to go with your Dosa will be served to you… piping hot! The restaurant is owned by a friendly couple: Sujata – smiling while she deftly manages the cash register; and her husband Srinivas, the whiz behind the scenes, rustling up all the delectable dishes on the menu. Oh, the last time we also ordered Gobi Manchurian along with Pav Bhaji Dosa – now isn’t that amazing… delicious Chinese along with Bombay’s fast food, combined with South Indian dosa, at a restaurant in the heart of Arizona! Try the medley, if you haven’t already. Bet you’ll be headed there for more. 🙂 Vegans too are welcome to enjoy the relaxed, no-rush ambience along with a fairly large selection of items to pick from. I picked up their menu, just in case I needed to have them cater for a large party. You could call 480.820.2249, if you need further details. Or just head to Ray & Rural… you will be pleasantly surprised!


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