Twitter, Web 2.0, W.O.M., B.Y.B.

Even if you’re on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, you’ll need to Build Your Brand. You could use advertising across mass media but that seems passé! Well then, lean on word-of-mouth, twitter or blog.

At a party last weekend, a friend introduced us to their just-developed travel website… HotGuzzi. A week down the road we toasted his success because the buzz is that hotel bookings through his website have started.

Now, some say that the advertising industry hurts. But then, surely it’s been a long time coming! Perhaps it’s time for the professionals in the business to revisit the a-z of advertising as follows:

build Awareness about your brand

generate Interest

arouse Desire

call for Action

How is it that over the years we forgot about AIDA?

Several years back, while doing a course in copywriting, I was introduced to AIDA. Another acronym that comes to mind, from the days of the diploma in advertising & PR, is DAGMAR… but more on that later.


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