Christian Bale as Moses; Christian Bale as Steve Jobs!

Confounding. Compelling. Colossal.

Christian Bale is confounded by the personality of Moses while playing the role for Ridley Scott’s film, “Exodus: Of Gods and Kings”. What could happen when he turns into “Steve Jobs” for his next film?


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Walter Isaacson’s portrayal in his now three year old biography of the Apple co-founder is the basis for the film – a biopic, as referred to by the media.

Now consider the timing. Various versions of this biography were released between September 10, 2011 and October 24 2011. Between that period, on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs died – it seemed, an era had ended. Could this ring the death knell for Apple as well? Well, any speculation on that front is irrelevant. We now know that has not happened. Apple exists today. The biography had already appeared on bookshelves – both virtual and at Barnes and Noble. Now they were all being shipped fast and furiously. Now think of this…  The biographer was once chairman of CNN; he has also held the position of managing editor for Time magazine. A man with talent, with clout, without any doubt. The various editions of this book – the biography – together seem to have received some astounding star reviews. His portrayal of Jobs seems to ring well with readers.

Back to Bale… he faces a challenge. He cannot fail, in fact, he must not fail. To play the role of Steve Jobs requires real talent, guts, and a track record. Like Steve Jobs, Christian Bale has a proven track record. This may well be one of the most critical roles of his career.

I like Christian Bale. Good luck. A word of caution though… bold as you are, now’s not the time to stir the pot. Just play your roles, do them well, and as Americans often say, “Just do your job”. 😉


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