John and Tim Freeman… a tale of two brothers, in New York City!

The story may seem to initially reek of Jeffrey Archer’s Kane & Abel, but it isn’t. John and Tim are siblings – brothers – living two diametrically different lives.

A friend posted this long article on Facebook.  It is a poignant commentary and shows another side to the much-desired New York City… It is also the tale of many Mumbaikars.

Manhasset, Westbury, in Tim Freeman’s story are familiar, everyday names from my life on Long Island and the daily commute to Manhattan on the Long Island Rail Road – on the Port Washington line and then on the Port Jefferson line. If I comment further, there’s a risk I’ll be accused of displaying socialistic leanings. What caught my attention upfront was this paragraph in a long article, among many others down in the story. Do read the story till the end… perhaps it will stir something somewhere if you repeat this tale over cocktails.

“My older brother talked to him about how difficult it was to find work, something my younger brother already knew because he had been applying for jobs where he was, in Utica, for over a year – counsellor, technological writer, librarian’s assistant, anything to do with words that paid better than minimum wage. He held a BA and had been published in newspapers.

None of that mattered in the end. He couldn’t get a job, and felt he couldn’t stay in Utica so he got on a train to New York and checked himself into a shelter.”

Read in its entirety The Guardian article if only to learn about “the other 99.99%” and how they live.


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