Another Take on Art, Music, Film, Remix… Priceless!

“… Remix voh hota hai ki kisi ka bhi banaya hua gaana aap pakadiye, yaa chura leejiye. Phir uss mein chaar naye saaz ander daaliye, phir ussey record keejiye, remix keejiye, aur khud maalik ban jaaiye. Bhai kalaa toh kalaa hoti hai, chaahe apni ho yaa paraayi; buss, Laxmi aani chaahiye, chhan-chhan, chhan-chhan, chhan chhan…” ~ Vikrant Kapoor’s dialogue in Taal (1999).
Screenplay written by Subhash Ghai, Sachin Bhowmick and Javed Siddiqui. The film was also produced and directed by Subhash Ghai. He has high regards for the larger than life lyricist, the late Anand Bakshi ji and respects his work immensely. Hence, the songs in his movies are a huge draw…just fabulous – lyrical, aesthetic, evocative and fun… all at once. They had collaborated in numerous movies ever since Karz (1980) until Yaadein (2001), which was released soon after Bakshi ji’s last birthday on July 21st, 2001. A few months later, on March 30th, 2002, Anand Bakshi saab paased away, leaving behind numerous memories for this film director, screenplay writer, producer, and his dear friend.



After over 14 years I am watching this film again; the last time was with a bunch of friends, at the cinema, its glamor sparkling from the silver screen in Toronto. We had missed several minutes of its beginning. This evening, I was drawn to it again — a bit of nostalgia, and for the added treat of its memorable music.
Watching this alone, enjoying it in the quietude of a Saturday evening, was jolted by this dialogue, halfway through the movie. Essence of the dialog for non-Hindi speakers – “… Remix songs are those where you get someone’s song – by hook or by crook – add a few notes to the original, record the song, remix it, and become owner of that song. Call it your own creation. After all, art is art, whether it’s your own, or belongs to another. All that counts is the jingling sound of money money money…”
Recognize the satire, the irony? All those artists — creative souls — who accidentally find their work portrayed by someone else as their own, will recall the pang, the hurt, the anger, the frustration. There’s no solution… those who have no qualms, will carry on with their Re-Mix. Will you be party to this song-and-dance?

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