Dawn of 2009… talk of Mumbai’s resilience, and…

Talk of perspectives. A couple of days back I referred to NYC – America’s resilient city, comparing it to Mumbai – India’s version of NYC. In my posting are references to a common man’s dispirited view-point of life in Mumbai today.

Today, The New York Times has published Joe Nocera’s account of his journey to Mumbai, just a few days before Christmas last year. He speaks of the city’s “resiliency” from a day-long taxi tour of Bombay, and his attendance, among the select few, at the re-opening of a section at The Taj Mahal hotel, when the elites cheered.

Which side are you on? Which class do you belong to? How have adverse events touched you personally? It is all a matter of perspective, no matter what the issue. With dwindling job prospects in the US in the near future, I wonder how many expats or even corporate types will flock to India to take on offshore positions,  to consider new opportunities, and be prepared to live a new way of life — especially in view of the recent events in Bombay, and under continued security threats across the nation!

With the onset of 2009 today, we have a long year ahead in which short-term views may not provide optimal, easy-to-digest solutions. How much time can we truly take to arrive at palatable solutions?


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