Whose legs are these, anyway!

Should, or shouldn’t, women wear pantyhose? Some call them, ‘bare necessities’; that’s much ado about um… nothing!

Page D1 of The Wall Street Journal is actually inviting readers to share their thoughts on this subject… to say the least, I’m shocked! People actually get paid to cover issues about ‘where, whether or not, and what body-parts’ women should cover? Well, why is it even made into an issue important enough to merit a debate? That’s barely necessary, say, what do you think?

What sort of dual standards prevail in this land of freedom where it’s OK to OK Gay Rights (and to protect them), and yet, for a woman to shed her nylons (or cling on to them) – summer or otherwise, it is Not OK! Who protects her right and freedom to attire as she wills? In this country, even Nakations are permissible (heard of those?), so why the big deal about wearing/not wearing pantyhose – whether it’s on Wall Street, at working women’s conferences, or while sauntering around seeking work?

Is the Wall Street Journal hard up for meaty topics? At least it seems so, from a glance at the Editor’s Picks of Free Content available online! Subscribers today actually pay for this content? What happened to the Wall Street Journal we revered for its otherwise stimulating issues?

The New York Times made a wise decision a while ago… charge for the advertising, try to retain gradually declining circulation and readership – there’s bound to be an increase in online readers over time; let readers make their own choice of what they want to read from the wide-open spread they have.

Sharp women out there on Wall Street (and all the smart ones elsewhere), that’s some dilemma you’re in… what to wear, or not to wear… oh, where? Ouch, surely that’s smarting somewhere!


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